Empowering Through Education
The Black Maternal Health Expo

About the Black Maternal Health Expo

Since its inception in 2005 by Cecilia Pearson, Lifestages Media Inc. has been at the forefront of providing crucial support for expectant and new parents. Starting with Birmingham Baby magazine, the company soon expanded to create the Babypalooza Baby & Maternity Expo. A baby expo tour, designed to be inclusive for mothers of all races and backgrounds, has consistently ensured representation and support for every parent.

Despite the success and inclusivity of Babypalooza, the ongoing maternal health crisis, especially among Black mothers, highlighted a need for a more focused approach. This realization led to the creation of The Black Maternal Health Expo, a dedicated event launched in August of 2023 in Birmingham, Alabama to address the disparities and challenges unique to Black maternal health. Held in conjunction with the Babypalooza Expo, it has become a space for education, advocacy, and community building.

The feedback from the community was immediate and clear—such an event was not just welcome but necessary. It underscored the need for specialized resources and support for Black mothers, a need Babypalooza has recognized and is now addressing through The Black Maternal Health Expo.

Cecilia Pearson, the founder, draws from her own experiences of health challenges and the need for self advocacy to shape these expos. The Black Maternal Health Expo aims to create a safe space for Black mothers to share their stories and learn about health issues that disproportionately affect them.

In partnership with NOWINCLUDED’s Mommy Listening Tour, the expo will feature video stations for mothers to share their health stories, fostering a sense of community and self-advocacy.

Understanding the importance of community and accessible resources, The Black Maternal Health Expo, alongside Babypalooza, connects parents with hospitals, insurance companies, and non-profits. This partnership is crucial in building a supportive village for mothers, addressing not just Black maternal health issues but broader challenges faced by all mothers today.

The need for such focused expos is underscored by stark statistics. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than White women. Addressing this disparity requires not only awareness but actionable resources and community support—core objectives of The Black Maternal Health Expo.

Education and Awareness: Workshops and seminars addressing specific health issues affecting Black mothers.
Community Support: Opportunities for mothers to connect, share stories, and build their support network.
Resource Connection: Direct access to healthcare providers, advocacy groups, and services tailored to the needs of Black mothers.
Empowerment Through Advocacy: Teaching self-advocacy skills to ensure mothers can navigate the healthcare system effectively.

Together, Babypalooza and The Black Maternal Health Expo represent a comprehensive effort to support all mothers, with a particular focus on those most affected by health disparities. They provide not just resources, but a community where every mother can feel supported, informed, and empowered.

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