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Acclinate Enhances Black Maternal Health Initiatives through AI Insights and Community Engagement

Acclinate, a leader in promoting health equity, has intensified its efforts in addressing Black maternal health challenges by collaborating with Quilt.AI. This partnership harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to better understand the health-related conversations and needs of Black mothers across the United States.

Despite the alarming statistics that Black women face a maternal mortality rate three times that of their white counterparts, Acclinate is dedicated to reversing this trend through its NOWINCLUDED community. This community-focused initiative has actively engaged Black mothers, particularly through the “Mommy Listening Tour,” which has provided crucial insights into the preferences and trust Black mothers place in their healthcare providers. For instance, a significant 75% of participants expressed trust in OBGYNs, and over half are willing to travel significant distances for quality maternal care.

Recently, at the Black Maternal Health Expo, the NOWINCLUDED team engaged directly with Black mothers, gaining further valuable insights that continue to shape their ongoing health initiatives. This direct engagement underscores the importance of listening and adapting to the needs of the community.

Quilt.AI’s contribution involves analyzing online discussions about Black maternal health, which has identified critical areas needing attention, such as the demand for more culturally competent healthcare providers and the necessity for enhanced mental health support, especially concerning postpartum depression.

Tiffany Whitlow, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Acclinate, highlighted the importance of these insights. “By understanding the real-world challenges and needs expressed by Black mothers, we can tailor our initiatives more effectively to improve health outcomes,” she stated.

Anurag Banerjee, CEO of Quilt.AI, also commented on the partnership, expressing enthusiasm about leveraging AI to generate meaningful insights that aid Acclinate’s mission to support and improve the health of Black mothers.

As Acclinate moves forward, it remains committed to its mission of enhancing maternal health outcomes for Black women, ensuring that their voices are not only heard but also acted upon with effective and culturally sensitive healthcare solutions.

For more information about Acclinate and its initiatives, visit Learn about Quilt.AI and its role in using AI to uncover human insights at

By fostering a better understanding and addressing the specific challenges faced by Black mothers, Acclinate continues to pave the way toward a healthier future for all mothers-to-be.

By Sara Holland

Staff Writer

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